About MIG Renewable Technologies

Renewable energy for the future

MIG Renewable Technologies, part of the MIG Group, is an accredited installer of renewable energy systems for commercial businesses, landowners, farmers and domestic properties. We believe that renewable technology is the right way to build a longer lasting, sustainable future.

We are based in Exmouth, East Devon, and work across the south west installing renewable energy solutions for a range of different clients.

Our aim

To supply clean, renewable power to the nation, helping to achieve big reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Our vision

To see solar power systems on the roofs of homes and businesses, supported by solar parks and other renewable systems.

We do

Work with our clients to provide them with the most effective, long-lasting equipment to help them secure the best returns possible on their solar investment.

We don’t

Sell the client the type of product that makes us the most money.

We do

Want to help everyone: businesspeople; landowners; communities and homeowners reap rewards from the financial and environmental benefits renewable energy can provide.

We don’t

Leave any stone unturned when it comes to the planning and delivery of any renewable project, be it large or small. MIG Renewable Technologies is run with military precision to make sure you will get the best service possible.