Why choose solar energy?

Working together to produce energy for the public

solar power for the futureYou can invest in a community solar energy project to generate free, renewable energy, in the knowledge that the profit earned from the sale of electricity to the grid will be used to directly benefit the local community, and generate an annual return for investors.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems offer an environmentally-friendly way to produce free electricity. Community groups all over the UK are working together to harvest the sunlight and put the money back into the community with a community solar panel project. It could be on the roof of the village hall, on a piece of public land or even the public house! The investment could see your community reaping the benefits of renewable energy with a solar panel installation.

Solar PV panels harness the energy from the sun to generate electricity.  Having been developed over 50 years, it is a well tried and tested technology. Solar panel technology also has minimal moving parts, meaning they require minimal maintenance and are extremely reliable. Although more electricity is produced on sunny days, panels also work on overcast days and so solar energy production is well-suited to our climate.

MIG Renewable Technologies have a history of working with with clients from across Devon to develop renewable power systems with military precision, and also offer a service package to look after your investment for you in the years ahead, offering complete peace of mind.

The advantages of a solar panel installation
  • Generate your own electricity for at least 25 years
  • Take advantage of a great investment opportunity
  • Reduce your carbon emissions and fuel bills
  • Take advantage of the Feed in Tariff which provides an annual income
  • The flexibility and versatility of Solar PV means we can install panels using ground mounts, on all shapes and sizes of roofs, as well as on roofs that are not south-facing
  • Help to protect the environment by using this renewable and sustainable energy source

At MIG Renewable Technologies, we can help you and your community to get the most out of your project, contact our team today to see how we can help.

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