Even Churches are Going Off the Grid!

At Devon MIG Renewables, we’re always keeping an ear to the ground to hear just how things are progressing in the world of solar panels. Many of the stories we hear are inspiring and satisfying, be they low-income families who have managed to make substantial savings using the Feed-In Tariff or more ecologically-minded reports detailing how the use of solar technology has helped to reduce carbon emissions. However, we were pleasantly surprised to read a story in The Independent that suggests that even places of worship are looking to the heavens – but not for divine inspiration!

Encouraging the Community

The story details how St Mary’s Church in Derbyshire now boasts solar panels on its 12th Century roof. The Reverend Dr Mark Powell said that “we were looking for a good environmental project to do, as a kind of showcase of what could be done for the local community. The fact that you can achieve something like this on a listed building – it encourages other people in the community.”

While this is a great step forward for solar panels, it’s not unprecedented; according to The Independent, “the latest figures from ChurchCare – the Church of England’s division that helps churches look after their buildings – show that over the past decade, 376 of its churches, schools, halls, vicarages and even a cathedral now have photovoltaic panels and are generating thousands of pounds.”

Saving and Making Money

Another aspect of the story was just how much St Mary’s Church has been able to save and make, since the panels were installed: “in the first year the panels generated 8002KW of energy and income totalling £3234. To date, the total energy generated is 27,975KW which equated to £11,826 in Feed-In-Tariff income. The church envisages recouping about £54,000 over 25 years.”

However, you don’t have to live in a church or a listed building in order to enjoy the financial benefits of having solar panels installed. Contact us today to arrange a free solar assessment and learn just how much you could save – and how much income you could generate by going off the grid.