Farming and landowner renewable energy

Diversifying your business to boost your profits

Many farmers are ideally suited to benefit from renewable energy systems. For instance, if you’re a landowner with 25 acres or more, an MIG Renewable Technologies solar array can provide you with a long-term income stream, helping you overcome the financial challenges facing today’s farmers.

solar panels for farmsAt MIG, we can help you make the most use of the available land, and will ensure the area surrounding the system is suitable for ongoing agricultural use, or for diversification or biodiversity projects. We can also maintain the site, as well as provide 24-hour security for the system. So we’ll do all the work while you harvest the sunlight.

As a high-energy user, the savings alone often provide an adequate return on your investment; however, with the Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), your combined return on investment is likely to be as much as 10%.

We understand that generating income from a farm can be tough. For those on the land, the 21st century has brought additional challenges in maintaining traditional farming revenue streams and yet costs keep rising; particularly electricity. If you’re looking to utilise new methods of reducing your operational costs, the rooftops of your sheds and farm buildings may form an important part of the answer. The other element you need is a solar panel system!