Why choose solar energy?

Diversifying your business to boost your profits

Solar panels for farmsFarms make fantastic sites for solar energy installations. Vast roofs and expanses of unused land are ideal locations for large systems that can offset high daily electricity consumption, as well as providing an alternative income stream through the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).

Do you have a high hot water demand? Dairies, food processing units, abattoir facilities and campsites are ideal beneficiaries of solar thermal systems. Thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a well-designed solar thermal installation will allow you to control your operating costs and provide a reliable income.

As a high-energy user, the savings from a solar energy project alone often provides an adequate return on your investment. If you’re looking to utilise new methods of reducing your operational costs, the rooftops of your sheds and farm buildings may form an important part of the answer. The other element you need is a solar panel system!

Incorporating solar energy on your farm has none of the labour intensive nature and ongoing overheads of other aspects of farming. No water is required, no herbicides or pesticides, no vet bills, early morning starts or late night paddock checks. There are only benefits in providing your own farm with clean, renewable power.

There’s next to no maintenance involved and the sun does all the hard work for you, saving you money whilst making you money and leaving you free to do other things. Becoming a solar farm can easily integrate with your farm’s current activities. All you need is a south facing roof area.

MIG Renewable Technologies can install a robust solar service to ensure that your installation will always run at peak performance, delivering the greatest energy output year upon year. Our installation process is simple and easy, with minimal impact on your day to day business.

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