Making the Most of your Solar Panels

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked at MIG Renewables is “what happens when the sun is clouded over?” Luckily, in the West Country, we tend to get the best of the British weather, with the warmest temperatures and the highest levels of sunshine. However, even Devon gets its share of cloud days and it’s understandable that those thinking of investing solar panels might be a little concerned, so it’s time to set the record straight.

Light and Electricity

It’s worth remembering that your solar panels’ output is directly linked to the level of sunlight they receive; the brighter the light, the more electricity they produce. In short, solar panels are affected by cloudy days. However, the story doesn’t finish there, as researchers have found an interesting phenomenon that means your panels can work even better on a cloudy day that they might on a sunny one.

The Benefits of Cloudy Days

Scientists have discovered that, on a cloudy day, the moments in which the sun breaks through the clouds are enhanced by the reflection of sunlight from the clouds themselves. In number-crunching terms, this means that, on a day where there is intermittent sunshine through a later of clouds, your solar panels can draw up to 50% more power from that than they might do on a cloudless day. While the input might not be as consistent, you will certainly see spikes in the amount of electricity generated.

Maximising your Output

When installing solar panels, our technicians take into account every aspect of your building – in particular when there will be optimum sunshine. For example, if you live in an area where there is more sun in the morning than in the afternoon, our installers may recommend that the panels are mounted to face the East and cash in on the levels of sunlight generated during those hours. They’ll also ensure that you have an appropriate battery system, which is capable of storing the maximum amount of electricity.

With a passion for renewable energy sources, we make it our business to stay at the forefront of any developments in the solar panels industry. If you want advice from a team of friendly and expert professionals, get in touch today.