Solar panel installation; Devon

Mr Wintrell

Project requirement:

Mr Wintrell wanted solar panels on the roof of his property as, like all of our customers he was extremely concerned about his effect on the environment. By installing solar panels he believed he could also save money as well as receiving government subsidies. But Mr Wintrell was concerned about the size of his roof and if it was big enough to hold the amount of solar panels he desired.


The solution:

MIG Renewables assessed Mr Wintrell’s property and invited him to the MIG showroom in Exmouth to view the systems that would be suitable for his property. Once Mr Wintrell had chosen the 330W monocrystalline Solar panels MIG Renewables then installed the high wattage panels to Mr Wintrell’s property. The MIG team were able to assess and install Mr Wintrell’s property in the space of a few days, meaning he could reap the benefits of his new installation almost immediately.

The result:

The process did not take long, and throughout the whole project Mr Wintrell was kept fully up to date at all times by email and by telephone calls.

Although installed in December 2015, meaning there was very low radiation levels, Mr Wintrell’s PV system has produced 100kWh of electricity over the last month. Which will be able to power 295 bulbs for 24 hours and saved 38.4kg CO² emission.

Words from the client:

“Thank you for a very satisfactory job. We were amazed that you and your men
could achieve so much in a day. This evening the meter reads 20.2 kWh. If I’ve got my sums right that would have attracted a payment of about £9.06 from npower and it compares with about £0.85 which the money would have earned in the building society! We also used 4Kwh of ‘paid for’ electricity so the net saving would have been £7.71 plus of course the cost of any more ‘paid for’ electricity which we would have used.  Wonderful! Again, very many thanks for a job well done and I will certainly send a recommendation”


Budleigh Salterton MIG domestic solar installation

System size (KWp):

Monthly generation (KWh)

Annual CO2 savings (kg's):