Solar Panel Installation, Budleigh Salterton, East Devon

Mr. Ling

Project requirement:

Mr Ling wanted solar panels on the east / west facing roof of his property on Meadow Close in Budleigh Salterton, Devon. Mr Ling was unsure as to whether his property would be suitable for an effective solar PV installation due to its positioning.

As the Government’s Feed-In Tariff was due to reduce in January 2015, Mr Ling was conscious of time and keen to take advantage of the return on investment before the cut-off.

The solution:

MIG Renewable Technologies assessed Mr Ling’s property and invited him to the MIG showroom in Exmouth to view some of the systems that might be suitable for his property.

MIG Renewables then installed 16 x Solar World 250W solar panels split between the east and west facing sides of Mr Ling’s property, along with an SMA inverter.

The MIG team were able to assess and install Mr Ling’s property in the space of just a few days, meaning he could reap the benefits of his new installation almost immediately.

The result:

The 4kWp system generated 92.7kWh in December 2014, earning Mr Ling £8.88 from the Feed-in Tariff.

We estimate that the system will generate 3888kWh in the first year, earning Mr Ling an estimated £625 from the Government Feed-in Tariff and saving him £301 on his electricity bill.

Words from the client:

“The service I received from MIG Renewable Technologies was excellent. Now we are doing our bit for the environment and earning ourselves money at the same time.

“The team answered with ease, any questions I had and it was great to use a local company who source their panels from within Europe. I would definitely recommend MIG Renewables to anyone thinking of investing in solar panels.”

Budleigh Salterton MIG domestic solar installation

System size (KWp):

Annual generation (KWh)

Annual earnings (£):