Solar panel installation: Talaton, Exeter, East Devon

Mr. Park

Project requirements

Mr Park had recently moved into his new property in Talaton, just outside of Exeter, in East Devon. His intention is to remain in the property long-term and he therefore decided to commission a solar installation in order to take advantage of an impressive return on investment.

The property has a zinc roof, and therefore extra research was needed to ensure the material would not be affected by the installation. If normal brackets were used for this installation it would have caused a chemical reaction between the roof and the brackets, and the roof would have been destroyed within a matter of years.

The solar panels would not be easily visible once installed, and therefore appearance was not a critical consideration.

The solution

MIG Renewable Technologies installed 16 Canadian Solar 250W solar panels and an SMA inverter. The panels were mounted with Schletter special seam clamp fittings, ordered directly from Germany, that were best suited to the property’s roof and won’t cause any damage.

The result

The 4kWp solar PV system will generate an estimated 4152kWh, earning Mr Parks an estimated £1032.39 from the Government s Feed-in Tariff and saving him money on his electricity bill in the first year.

Words from the client

“The service we received was fantastic. We went to a number of companies and MIG Renewables was by far the most thorough and George was knowledgeable and honest. There was a lot of extra research to be done because of our particular roof and George went above and beyond our expectations. No other firm that we approached went to the lengths that he did. We are thrilled with our installation and looking forward reaping the benefits for the long-term.”

Exeter, East Devon MIG domestic solar panel installation

System size (KWp):

Annual generation (KWh)

Annual income from FIT (£):