Solar Panel installation

East Prawle, Chilvelstone, South Hams, Devon

Project requirement:

To benefit from FIT tariff & to save on electricity cost.

The solution:

We installed 17 x 235W Panasonic HIT panels with SMA inverter= 3.995 kWp system.

The result:

Between 1st June 2011 and 31st May 2012, 3,219 kWh (kilowatts per hour) was generated, which was 10.25 % more than estimated. This represents a return on investment of 9.8%, a considerable improvement on the 0.5% or 3% that would have been gained at a bank or building society. After paying off all fuel bills, the client estimated that they still had some £600 left over.

Words from the client:

“Thank you for a very satisfactory job. We were amazed that you and your men
could achieve so much in a day. This evening the meter reads 20.2 kWh. If I’ve got my sums right that would have attracted a payment of about £9.06 from npower and it compares with about £0.85 which the money would have earned in the building society! We also used 4Kwh of ‘paid for’ electricity so the net saving would have been £7.71 plus of course the cost of any more ‘paid for’ electricity which we would have used.  Wonderful! Again, very many thanks for a job well done and I will certainly send a recommendation”


Budleigh Salterton MIG domestic solar installation

System size (KWp):

Annual generation (KWh)

Annual FIT payments: (£)