Service and Repair

Solar Panel Service and Repair

MIG Renewable Technologies can maintain, service and repair all renewable systems, both small and large scale Solar PV. Contact us if you have had a Solar PV system fitted by another company, which was not working to its highest standard or has shading issues and you need your system removing and refitting.

Despite Solar PV panels having self-cleaning properties, systems located near trees can be naturally soiled, which could dramatically affect the performance of your system in turn, costing you energy and money, making regular maintenance advisable.

Many Solar PV companies have now gone into administration, making it impossible for their customers to follow up the slightest enquiry. Some companies were quick to jump on the Solar PV rush back in 2010. With no expertise or experience in Solar PV unfortunately these companies left many customers with bad installations and faulty Solar PV systems. Repairs to solar PV systems are infrequent and most of our repair call outs arise from either the fault of wild animals or for a system installed incorrectly by incompetent PV system installers. Please do not attempt to fix your own solar PV panels.