Solar energy calculator

How much can you save?

We have used a typical example solar panel installation in Devon to work out how much energy, on average, households or businesses can save with their solar panels.

Number of panels Annual benefit and savings Return on investment including FIT payments and saving on electricity Return on investment FIT only
16 £629.67 12.81% 3.308%
40 £1,898.92 24.26% 13.37%
1000 £2,712.77 25.59% 14.10%



To work out the average annual saving, return on investment and FIT return, we have used the below criteria…

Situation: Perfect south facing roof in Devon, 35 degree roof inclination, no shading,  simple DC/AC cable run.
Price paid for electricity: £0.152 pence per kWh (residential – cost include Standing Charge), £0.108 pence per kWh (commercial), FIT rate valid from to 31.03.2016, saving: 50% of the electricity produced used in the building.

Residential customer – 5% VAT included

Product: German panels, German fixing, German inverter

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