Solar Powered Batteries

We now install Tesla Power wall


What is a Tesla Home Battery?

Powerwall stores electricity generated by solar panels during the day and makes it available to your home in the evening.Combining solar panels and one or more Powerwall home batteries to power your home independently from the utility grid.

How could I benefit?

This bridges the gap between peak solar and peak demand, allowing you to use your photons when you need them. A net zero energy rating means that your home produces as much energy as it consumes, but is still connected to the utility grid for periods of high demand.

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Currently the PowerWall can only be installed with a Solar Edge inverter.

SolarEdge Safety and Monitoring Interface

SMA Solar Storage

The SMA solar storage installation is one of the simplest to install thanks to the batteries wall mounted design. The device combines everything needed to add battery storage to a Solar PV system into one unit. The SMA systems MIG Renewable Technologies use are the best solar battery solutions when it comes to cost effectiveness. The battery size enables a significant increase in self-consumption of solar energy, and can significantly increase the energy savings from a solar array. The SMA – smart energy systems come with an integrated web connect functionality. Relaying information to the portal of your choice (chosen at the MIG Renewable Technologies showroom in Exmouth) directly ensures the system is running at optimum efficiency and any defects are spotted and addressed early. In addition you are able to view how your system is functioning and can monitor advanced information.