Wind turbines

You can generate electricity at home with small-scale wind turbines, which will harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. About 40% of all wind energy in Europe blows over the UK making it and ideal country for not only commercial wind farms but also domestic turbines. A typical system on an exposed site can easily generate more power than your lights and electrical appliance use. You can also get paid via a feed-in tariff, so you can get paid for the electricity you are generating, even if you use it! Using wind electricity can dramatically cut your carbon footprint, and doesn’t release any carbon dioxide or other pollutants.

Wind turbines operate by catching the wind using large blades, which are forced round, driving a turbine, which generates electricity. The stronger the wind, the more electricity produced.

There are two types of domestic-sized wind turbine

  • Pole mounted- free standing turbines, placed in a suitably exposed area.
  • Building mounted- these are smaller and can be installed on the roof of a home where there is a suitable wind resource.

MIG Renewables also enforce maintenance checks every few years, depending on the turbine size. A well maintained turbine should last more than 20 years, but you may need to replace the inverter at some stage.

Please contact MIG Renewables Technologies for more information on Wind Turbines.

<50kW – 8.54 pence per kwh produced
50-100kW- 8.54 pence per kwh produced
100-1500kW- 5.46 pence per kwh produced
>1500kW- 0.86 pence per kwh produced


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