Solar Power to the People!

While more and more people are aware of the direct benefits they can enjoy from choosing to install solar panels, fewer are aware of the positive effects this can have on their local communities. At MIG Renewables, we’re committed to trumpeting the advantages that solar energy can offer individuals, businesses and local communities. Are you aware of the community energy groups in Devon? If not, you ought to find out, as they could be helping to decrease the cost of energy in your area.

A Long-Lasting Solution to Price Hikes

Anna Watson, from Friends of the Earth, says that “community energy projects offer local people the chance to power their homes and businesses with clean British energy – helping to tackle climate change. Community energy projects offer a long-lasting solution to price hikes from Britain’s Big Six and pumps money back into local areas.”

In essence, there are substantial subsidies available for those looking to sell excess energy back into the National Grid and many community energy groups are using this to make money for their local districts. As an example, a school looking to make improvements might consider taking out a loan from the local authorities, to install solar panels. The loan can then be repaid using the surplus energy generated and, once the repayments are made, the school is then in profit and can simply continue selling excess energy back to the grid and invest the money made in improving the school.

Community Energy Groups in Devon

There are a number of community energy groups in Devon, such as the Bovey Tracey Action group, the Newton and Noss Environment Group and the South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network. A brief scouring of the Internet should put you in touch with your nearest group and you can then decide if they are offering any projects that you might like to be part of.

MIG Renewables is much more than just a solar panel installation company; we are passionate and dedicated advocates of renewable energy, in all its forms. Whether you want advice about solar panels for your home or want information on schemes that might benefit your community, drop us a line today – we’re committed to bringing a little sunshine into the lives of all our customers!